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°2 giant zucchini (about three hundred g)
° one onion or leek
°1 clove (optional)
° Aromatic herbs: flat-leaf parsley, mint, basil or coriander
°1 egg
°1 teaspoon flour
° a pair of tablespoons of liquid cream (classic or vegetable)
° salt pepper
° Paprika, Curry, Split Pepper, etc…
° Butter/oil for cookery


Wash, dried & grated zucchini. place it on a clean towel and press it well to get rid of the juice
Chop the onions or leeks and parsley
combine with the grated zucchini, then add the cream and every one the eggs and blend, then the flour, salt, pepper and spices and mix
Heat twenty grams of butter and a touch oil in an exceedingly pan and prepare tiny mounds of preparation, roll them enter the shape of pancakes and cook for three minutes on every side, till golden brown.
Place the pancakes on absorbent paper and serve extremely popular


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