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BlackBerry Cobbler

Written by chef recipes



° 2 half C BlackBerry Washed

°1 Sugar

°1 C min temperature

° 2 Ton Baking Powder

° half ton salt

° 1 c Milk

°half c unsalted butter dissolved




Stirring berries and sugar collectively in bowl and depart for 25-30 mn.

Preheat oven 375 f Stir withinside the flour, baking powder, salt and milk with a wood spoon. Next, stir the melted butter and blend it through hand till the elements mixture nicely and you’ve got a few lumps.

Pour the aggregate right into a medium baking dish and be smooth. You can select to align the butter paper or now no longer, however do now no longer grease the pan. Finally, pour the peeled black berries over the top, inclusive of all of the sugar and unfold frivolously over the aggregate.

Baking for forty five mn to an hour, relying on how golden you prefer. Let it cool for five mins till it keeps

its shape.


Enjoy !

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